How To

How to care for your lashes:

With proper care and storage of your UnicornGang Lashes you will be able to get 25 + wears!

Be gentle while removing your lashes from the box AND your eyes! NEVER pull the lashes by the hairs. Gently peel your lashes from the outer corner towards the inner corner. Remove any remaining glue from your lashes with tweezers,making sure not to pull the band of the lash. Store the lashes in their box for safe keeping.




lipstick application: 

for seamless application give your bottle a quick shake

exfoliate lips with your favorite scrub

apply your favorite color!

stay away from grease and oil, as they are natural removers and will start to fade your color



shadow palettes: 

*always patch test and read ingredients before applying to avoid any reactions/sensitivities

For ultimate application, use a good eye primer. A good base makes all the difference! Our matte shades are pressed, and certain pigments may cause temporary staining after removing. If this occurs, use an oil based remover gently around the eye area.


Our shimmers have great pigment, but if you want buildable coverage try using your (clean!) finger to apply using a "dabbing" method.


Get creative, and share your creations with us!