Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We ship everywhere! however, duties and your local taxes will not be included at checkout. Depending on your countries tax laws those will be applicable to you upon delivery.


 what is your shipping policy?

All items have an expected handling time of up to 2 days. From there, shipping speed is dependent on USPS choice at checkout. Unicorn Gang Shop is not responsible for packages that get returned du to incorrect address, new shipping costs will arise if you request it to be sent back out. please check your information before hitting check out. 

What is your return policy?

Becuase of strict health policies we can not accept returns,refunds or exchanges. If you have any specific questions not found here please reach out to us at Unicorngangshop@gmail.com


Do you need to cut the lashes before wearing?

You do not need to cut the lashes as long as they already fit your eye shape. I do recommend you trim both edges lightly where it is just the band and as close to the first lash hairs as possible. 

 Where are your products made?

Right now UG products are manufactured in PRC. Our manufacturing facility undergoes multiple inspections, and holds up to date SGS GMPC certificates. it is FDA compliant, and uses specific raw materials and machinery that is easiest as an independent company to achieve via over seas. All products have a strict quality control test done before sent out to you guys!

Hopefully as UG grows and expands we can go from USA formulated to USA fully manufactured

How do these lashes compare to others on the market? 

lately there has been an uprising of small beauty companies, which is amazing! But when choosing where Unicorn Gang lashes comes from it was important for us to find a distributor who had proper certification for working conditions, health policies, cruelty free certifications, and more. It is important that we did not choose any random over seas supplier just for a cheaper price.


Unicorn Gang lashes are top quality and will last you 25+ wears with proper care and storage  


is your lipstick scented? 

  • 🍓 Our liquid lipstick is strawberry SCENTED. If you have sensitive skin, or known to be irritated by scents, please check ingredients and do a patch test before applying!