Clear quartz

Clear quartz

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Clear Quartz tower

most have sone inclusions, including iron!

* you will receive one intuitively chosen tower. These vary in shape and size but additional ones are similar to one shown


What it represents: Positive energy, restoration & calmness.

Chakra: All chakras

A multidimensional stone that amplifies energy and is programmable with your intentions. It assists you in achieving any goal and during meditation and will accelerate manifestation of anything you focus on. Be cautious as it will boomerang any and all intentions back to you.

This QUARTZ CRYSTAL TOWER can be used in energetic healing and inter dimensional travel. This stone assists in one's expansion of consciousness, can generate prosperity, can attract love and it enhances memory. QUARTZ CRYSTAL helps in the dream state. Keep a journal by your bed and look for the clues being sent.

These sacred shapes act as a transmitter and receiver of zero point energy field.