Black tourmaline
Black tourmaline
Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline

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Raw natural black tourmaline 

what you receive: ONE large chunk  photo shows multiple for size reference and examples of what you will get  

Carry with you for protection of outside negative energy  or place in your home where foot traffic is most to absorb negativity  

Black Tourmaline also known as Black Schorl is a powerful grounding stone. A good stone for removing fear, negativity, removing blockages. A strong stone for relieving a troubled or restless mind, good for balancing the yin/yang, the aura and all psychic abilities. Believed to be a popular stone to use in groups - enhances healing abilities and offers protection from simple accidents to psychic attack. A stone to add to any ones collection especially for the use against negativity which is anything that superimposes itself and overrides the individuals own energy field to causes imbalances.

🦄Zodiac: Libra
🦄Chakra: All

*size & color may vary