Almond cookie

Almond cookie

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Sugar, spice and all things nice....
....that's what Almond Cookie is made of! Well, kind of...there's no sugar or spice in this gal but she is full of all things keep your lips looking amazing all day that is!


♡ About Wicked Mattes 

Unicorn Gang Shop liquid lipstick formula is a weightless long lasting lippie with soft matte finish that leaves you loving liquid mattes again!

  Why you need it 

Vegan | Cruelty free

Kiss proof | Transfer proof | water proof

Non drying formula leaves lips feeling more hydrated than a traditional matte lipstick and without sinking into fine lines giving you that dried out look other mattes give you!

More product inside our customized tubes than others on market

    Helpful tips: 

For best application - SHAKE bottle well, exfoliate lips beforehand, apply onto dried lips.

Avoid greasy/oily foods. 

For extra wear time try using a translucent setting powder lightly dusted over dried down lippies!